Thousands of years of guilt who solution, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains I from xinjiang, soldiers do not see tears touch clothes

Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art body foreign affairs, in front of xinjiang, war full of tears two lines of general.No one asked, the body foreign affairs, immediate Xinjiang, war full of general tears two lines.Hundreds of wars blood red, one hundred thousand soldiers broke the sky, do not understand the soul love through the sky.The desert is boundless, can solve this feeling, the soldiers hundred battles of the general a sincere.Thousands of years of guilt who solution, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains I from xinjiang, soldiers do not see tears touch clothes.The war is still in the depth, millions of general blood dyed shirt, or let Japanese accounted for, mountain and river difficult to solve the hunger of the people.The general is gone, no one to accept war, gold difficult acacia bitter, blood in the battlefield without reward.Thousands of miles of the field do not understand cherish time, a strong general buried flowers.Return to the field more than joy, open Xinjiang tuo ma Zhuang hero, not the general 100 feet floor.No one asked, the general out of the field, wanli empty sing zhuzhi.General Li, xiongbing momentum swallow, the heart is not dead, protect xinjiang wei earth will still exist.The Great Wall inherent xinjiang, can solve my heart hurt, strong general tears full sang.Moon such as frost, short life night is not ended, often think of loving mother tears, caring in another place.Autumn wind bleak send far, think you can not see tears trickling down cheeks, mo road since ancient times for confiden.Every read loving children look forward to grandchildren, life is short tears full jin.How many degrees crazy, young, dawei ice heart send far.Beautiful woman alone, Mr. Lang come as soon as possible, kiss not silent heart since sorrow.Phase recall looking at the column, wandering back to the end of the world parting bitter, always tears with jin.No tears trickling down one’s cheeks, the dream phase invited under the moon fairy, mo road world is the most.Bitter to keep the cold window for ten years, tears hazy memories, each other know grace heavy, dream often think of parents let.Tears full cheeks, a few bitter rain wash dust, no road home, dream invited friends.Each other in the spring and autumn, day and night thinking about your dream swim, bitter, sour and sweet taste, nostalgic tears.Bitter Yin wind and rain night, sad alone on the moon Ming, now separate qinghui send far thought.The most is the road of life, dream often siming month to liaoxi.Phase flower just, think you can’t see bitter short must treasure, don’t make the injury huaihua bitao.Think close person does not sleep, hang down to shadow tear photograph, the end of the world wandering bosom turns into gray.Autumn wind bleak bitter lingering, fallen leaves bosom another year, the dream invited not to tears trickling down one’s cheeks.Not since sorrow, a few wandering, often think of the past invite month down.Prime minister article old more strange, do not see tears stained clothes, the world bitter hate bosom is wrong.Catalpa land, send native people, tianya wang broken thousands of bitter, the dream with tears full towel.Sleepless night, tears in the past, you dream frequency.Bosom is most in month bright, life a dream is empty, sit alone in the window mirror number residual red.With foam two waste, think jun tears how much, bitter and sweet past to The world is dominated by lost flowers.Bitter guarding the cold window for thirty years, tears trickling down one’s cheeks, each other often think parents yan.Ask the end of the world, life has its own home, the dream often think of loving mother tears, wake up with hometown flowers.The Great Wall of a mountain, towering heaven and earth into the clouds, people from ancient times scenery in the eye.The general’s sword cries in the box, no one is allowed to have war. Who is the Lord in the vast expanse of heaven and earth? I am the soldier when rivers and mountains are broken.Have left the world, through the ages romantic vast where to find, a bright moon according to the mountains and rivers.A line lead, mountain high road far hover, the word is unusual to see, read as human life bitter and sweet.Fame has paid beyond the mountains and rivers, the earth and earth long in the sun and moon, looking back on how many things people, dust where to find heroes.The Great Wall refers to gu, the vicissitudes of life, China to reopen the old rivers and mountains.The world has a grand view, only edge body in heaven and earth infinite bi, wanli mountains do eyes.The water ripples, the vast expanse of heaven and earth lead, the world more lonely, acacia always in the dream.Dimly discernible, charming in the human world, a lake clear water even heaven and earth, both sides of the castle peak customs.I am a scattered fairy, at ease between water clouds, mind heaven and earth universe is not old mountain.Heaven and earth vast water far when Hugh, how many people between the dust of a leaf boat.Yinhan Mountain is difficult to separate, vast two do not know, do not say people to a network acacia.Among the green cypresses and white clouds, the noble atmosphere is everlasting, and the earth and heaven shed tears selflessly.Looking wide, there is no room, I do not know the world of the Yangtze River day and night mountains.The road is difficult, a line leads, the world always in the dream between the soul.Hanging clouds, qinghui as human life, heaven and earth sentient beings with this night, mountain high water far chan.The moon is full of people, a frozen heart yun shui, heaven and earth love wanli total home mountain.Heaven and earth boundless without find place, road far who knows, between the words in the world of thousands of poems.A bright moon shines on rivers and mountains, and the vast expanse of heaven and earth is cold in the night.Between the dream soul, do not believe the world has cave fairy, boundless place, a bright moon according to rivers and mountains.Not human beings have this fairy, only the edge of the body in the water clouds, and heaven and earth infinite bi, wanli rivers and mountains lead a line.Heaven and earth pointing five thousand years, chest block human world a smoke.Lake eyes, leisurely world has its own truth in, why penglai dimly discernibly.Dimly to hometown, under the moon dance neon clothes, three cups of liquor clear song broken sorrow.Wild goose Nanxiang, fly to provoke guest bowel, lonely Chang-e Shu Guangxiu, hometown moon asperse clear light.A song acacia nine turn bowel, stone broken sorrow, Chang e should regret qingtian is hometown.According to no sleep, lonely Chang e alone flow, acacia bowel inch knot, the end of the world very close broken love.To break the love of lovesickness, from the intestine 100 turn hate difficult to disappear, Chang e should regret hometown moon high.All the way dust dream broken Rou Sang, Chang ‘e should regret qingtian is hometown.Graceful dance, the moon is round, Trinidad Acacia liquor comfort intestines.Came the pain of hometown, lonely empty room, bowel lead dream around the cloud flying goose word long.Faint residual leakage, wake up melancholy should regret to steal elixirus, look at home more round moon.Desolate wanderer meaning, dream melancholy sound, Chang ‘e should regret home full moon Ming.Last night the goddess of the moon busy, hometown and chongyang today, the horizon looked broken people where, only acacia hanging belly bowel.According to the west window, chang ‘e tears in the distance two lines, acacia bowel inch knot, the end of the world close break sorrow long.Tianya constantly hero gas, cape often lead wandering bowel, Chang e should regret stealing elixir, blue yellow spring is hometown.Silkworm silk, sorrow such as broken lotus root 10,000 branches, chang e should regret hometown Willow.Chang ‘e month under toad Hall think of home, a lonely pipa tell the heart.The moon according to the other side, chang ‘e lovesickness in the distance, the end of the world close off sorrow long.Long willow, from the song move guest bowel, Chang e should regret qingtian is hometown.Qingming festival most pull intestines, pedestrians on the road to grain, chang ‘e tonight can be ankang.Sweet-scented osmanthus incense, read old state, beautiful moonlight lights warm heart.Trawled not sleep, residual chapter continued old, Chang ‘e should regret hometown moon is round.Moon, where do not think, the end of the world is very close feeling is difficult to break, dream meet v. inch bowel.Under the moon chang ‘e wandering home, a song pipa tears into melancholy.Song blowing green Yang shake jade pendants, red sleeves flick gold saddle, neon dance fairy MOE under wide cold.Neon-sang drunk jade e, willow shadow whirling, light shu guang sleeve world bitter hate.Chamber moon, in the mirror lam, sleeve bottom breeze singing lotus song.Cui sleeve assiduously holding jade clock, clear song a hazy month, xian E regardless of neon clothes to the night sky.Phoenix song, how the universe nai, poetry dance neishang flower drunk, sweet jade death for who e.Why the world of mortals, diffuse dance Qionghua everywhere spring, sleeve qiankun a song off pedestrians.The gold wind Yulu dance lightly, in the month fairy lam under nine days, cui Xiu light shu Temples chaos, clear song a drunk beauty.A line of heaven and earth, light song lithe incomprehension of earthly things, diffuse dance neon dress with the moon circle.Spirit male, breeze full sleeve laughing, willow floor xinyue, drunk poured fairy lam fan bottom rainbow.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #

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