When Sun Zhuo returned to his biological parents, the buyers in Shandong repeatedly appealed to her not to jump out again

Sun Zhuo was abducted to Yanggu and lived there for 14 years. Originally, Sun Zhuo was a child from the south, but he was abducted to Shandong and lived there for so many years.From the age of 4 to 18, Sun Zhuo can be said to have adapted to the life in Shandong. Now, Sun Haiyang and his wife have finally found their own flesh and blood, and the original pain has completely become a thing of the past.Sun Zhuo chose to return to Shenzhen and live with his biological parents.This thought buyers there can be so quiet down, the results of shandong buyers there is many voice.When Sun Zhuo just returned to Shenzhen, the buyer of the second sister repeatedly phone harassment Sun Zhuo, trying to let Sun Zhuo change his mind.Of course, the buyer’s sister and Sun Zhuo get along for a long time, there will be a certain brother-sister love this is a very normal phenomenon.But Sun Zhuo’s close sister is called Sun Yue, the buyer there are false sister, with Sun Zhuo does not have a little blood relationship, but is to bring endless pain to Sun Zhuo’s biological parents.Now Sun Zhuo has been back to Sun Haiyang and his wife for a long time, and he has gradually adapted to the life of his original family. His sister and brother also take care of Sun Zhuo’s feelings. I believe Sun Zhuo can feel the atmosphere of his original family.Talking about The buyer of Sun Zhuo, looking at Sun Haiyang so happy, naturally will feel unwilling.In other words, Sun Zhuo brought the buyer 14 years of joy, but sun Zhuo’s biological parents have suffered for 14 years.So Sun Zhuo chose to leave the buyer side, the buyer side will also feel super pain?Maybe they won’t be so miserable. After all, they’re not biological.Losing can be hard at first.Ocean couple looking for son for 14 years, only biological parents can never give up!Zhuo returned, hoping that the happiness of the ocean family could be compensated thousands of times.At the beginning, When Sun Haiyang seeks a child, publish his feelings on the net for many times.Never forget sun Haiyang in order to find the child so humble and unwilling, standing at the door of a stranger’s house to test the way.They can not fully understand the children leave their afflictions, because not one’s own flesh and blood, they can not understand and experience that kind of digging heart afflictions, they are just unwilling!Buyers don’t know. They just spent all these years and money for nothing.And the biological parents didn’t know where the child was, what kind of life?Life is uncertain, every minute of every day in the blame, anxious.A netizen said very well: is it easy to steal to raise for 14 years, or take pains to find their own easy!So don’t insult the word sanguan.You can’t compare it to your real parents. They just feel like they’ve lost something!

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