2 cities in Shandong refuted the rumor

In response to the public’s concerns that the isolation point of huaiyin emergency reserve shelter located in the west of Qilu Avenue and north of Liaocheng Road is close to schools and residential areas, there are potential safety hazards. After study, the isolation point has been suspended on March 29, and another site will be selected for construction.Please do not believe the rumors, do not spread rumors, do a good job of self-protection during the epidemic, unite as one, overcome the difficulties together.Recently, the opening time of primary and secondary schools in Various counties and districts of Linyi City in Shandong Province has been confirmed in 2022, which has attracted the attention of netizens.After verification, Linyi city education bureau has never issued this notice, hereby refuted rumors.The resumption time of primary and secondary schools in 2022 has not yet been determined, please refer to the official announcement.Editor in charge: Wang Lei

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