Hefei strictly guards the “first pass” of high-speed entering the city

“Drivers behind must pay attention to safety, pay attention to safety, this is a double check channel…”Tomb-sweeping day holiday, under the Taiwan high-speed hefei the hing road crossings, when a big red truck slowly out of the charging entrance, wearing a white mask in hefei traffic police detachment, sun high-speed five deputy district chief, in one hand and a walkie-talkie, in one hand and a horn, repeatedly prompt drivers under the high speed with the epidemic prevention and control work.Reporters see, Fang Xing avenue high speed under the entrance inside placed two eye-catching brand, marked “the province to (return) fat” and “province outside (return) fat” two special crossing, guide vehicles by the road in turn into.Participants hing road crossing the epidemic prevention and control work of volunteers in hefei package riverfront, told reporters here according to the number of cars, model number and the time characteristic, set up traffic guide, and parking area and testing area, June at the scene of the traffic police on duty according to the toll collector provides a source of vehicles for ahead, cars, car number, will lead to the designated area for testing vehicle classification.In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to ensure the “first pass” of expressway in Hefei, the provincial capital, the city has implemented mandatory inspection at all highway crossings.In the detection area, the reporter found that to come (return) fertilizer personnel will be nucleic acid detection, while from the middle and high risk and sensitive areas of the company and passenger additional antigen detection.According to reports, in order to ensure that “should be checked, not missing one person”, Hefei expressway under the entrance of the local government, public security traffic police, transportation, health departments and expressway operating units “five in one” close cooperation, not let go of the toll station nucleic acid testing point every work link, not missing every should be checked personnel.Source: Anhui Daily

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