Jinlingzhou seed industry: quality line the world, integrity win the world

Ningxia Jinlingzhou Seed Industry Co., Ltd. is a collection of crop seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural production materials wholesale, retail in one of the enterprises.In recent years, the enterprise has vigorously implemented the construction of good faith in the development, provided high-quality crop seeds for the majority of farmers, helped the healthy development of the city’s agricultural industry with practical actions, and provided a strong guarantee for the realization of rural revitalization.Recently, it is an important season for spring ploughing. There are a lot of vehicles driving to and from the seed industry in Jinlingzhou every day, and companies have stocked their warehouses with seeds of various crops for this year’s spring ploughing.Jin Lingzhou seed industry co., LTD., chairman of zheng-rong zhang: “recently is spring important season of spring, we as an important business of lingwu inputs such as seeds, abide by” quality world, sincerity Jin Lingzhou “business purposes, actively dispatching seeds, strictly control the quality of the products such as seeds, full service to farmers spring production.This year, we have stored 344,000 kg of wheat, 1.1 million kg of rice and 116,000 kg of hybrid corn seeds, followed by 50 tons of hybrid corn seeds to prepare for the spring ploughing in Lingwu city.”Jinlingzhou seed industry as the city’s high-quality seed supplier, the enterprise strictly controls the quality of seed production in the business process, controls the purity quality from the seed source, especially in the cultivation of high-quality seeds, makes great efforts to engage in research and development, constantly improve seed quality, cultivate high-quality seed, reduce the burden of farmers, reduce the production risk.Zhang Zhengrong, Chairman of Jinlingzhou Seed Industry Co., LTD. : “In recent years, we have successively cultivated more than 10 varieties of ‘Jinlingzhou’ series of corn and rice with independent intellectual property rights.Among them, ‘Jinlingzhou no. 6′ self-bred hybrid corn seed has been approved by Ningxia Certification Committee and named Ningdan No. 39.’Jinlingzhou 10’ self-bred hybrid corn seed has been approved by Ningxia Approval Committee and named Jinlingzhou 10.The ‘long-grain excellent’ conventional rice has been published and named ‘Ningjing 63’ after examination. In addition, ‘Jinlingzhou 1’ and ‘Jinlingzhou 5′ and other lines are also in regional tests, and the subsequent varieties are being further improved.”In recent years, with the help of the market supervision administration bureau and the municipal consumer association, Jinlingzhou seed industry has built 45 distribution networks covering the towns and villages of the whole city, and has more than 50 franchise stores in Pingluo, Helan, Yongning, Wuzhong, Zhongwei and Yinnan Mountain areas.Due to the integrity of the enterprise management, won the recognition of the majority of consumers, so the development of the road is also more and more wide.Jin Lingzhou seed industry co., LTD., chairman of zheng-rong zhang: “as agriculture leading enterprise, we will continue to do a good job, seed supply next innovative way of agricultural services, not only for the farmers to provide quality seed, try to make some to the broad masses of farmers to promote new products, new technologies, led by the good faith management, with practical action to promote the lingwu agricultural development and farmers’ income.”Reporter: Wang Yu This issue editor: Song Wenhe Responsible editor: Han Yue Review: Zhao Guijiang Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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