My opinion on the monthly mortgage payment of 200,000 yuan for National football players, which cannot be repaid by limited salary

House loan 200 thousand a month, if be loan 20 years, interest rate is 4.65%, the total amount of loan exceeded 30 million, if head pays 30%, the total price of this house also exceeded 40 million.Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, although the housing price is very expensive, but 40 million house is also a luxury?Eight of the 18 CSL teams are unpaid: the four promoted teams and the three champions shandong Taishan, Shanghai Harbour, Changchun Yatai (only not in arrears) and relegation-safe Henan. The rest are struggling.The high salary and low ability have become synonymous with The National football team. If the ball is not playing well, the high quality of life is not willing to fall behind. With such an idea, it is difficult for the players to focus on improving their own ability.Buy a big house to improve their living conditions, the idea’s, women’s football coach ShuiQingXia house in Shanghai area is very small and demolition, also want to buy a comfortable house to live, but from the achievements of her, buy a big house to live in and everyone’s expectations, hope she can have their own relatively comfortable life.On the other hand, men’s football players often buy luxury houses and live in villas. Such a contrast really makes it difficult for fans to accept. If men’s football team can win the Asian Cup, it doesn’t matter what they live in.Not all players have a mortgage of two or three hundred thousand yuan, just like zheng Zhi said in 2019 when he was serving as the national team: although he did his best in the national team, he still did not bring any achievements to the national team!Now Zheng Zhi is still active in the stage of the head coach for Chinese football to contribute their own strength.If the players can do so, is there hope for our national football team?The policy of salary limit is right. If you want to make millions of rich people play football well, I think it is too difficult. It is the best way out for The National football Team to let them know that only by improving their ability can they have high salary.

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