Now or never: If you miss Stojkovic, don’t miss Kim

Recently, Jin Zhongfu guidance and mentioned together with the Chinese men’s soccer, the reason is that the Chinese men’s soccer World Cup qualifier failed, Jin Zhongfu is considered to be the best choice for Chinese football coach, glad also very identity, Jin Zhongfu no matter from ability, experience, adjust and professional quality, are required for Chinese football, I don’t think Li Xiaopeng guide should take full responsibility for the Chinese men’s soccer debacle,However, Li’s personal ability is only suitable for the transition, which is also an indisputable fact. Once upon a time, Chinese men’s football team had a chance to acquire a good coach connecting the past and the future, but finally missed it, he is Stojkovic. Now Kim Jong-bu’s future is pending, this is an opportunity for Chinese men’s football team.Before the storm left China, he would have said more than once to help Chinese football, willing to teach the Chinese men’s soccer, the Serbian one of the most talented players in history, and also the power of the Japanese football, his desire to want to revive the Chinese soccer, want to help Chinese football, the result is not seriously at that time, now he is in the Serbian national special attention to the team wind are flawed,What moved us most at that time was that China could play and pass. He did not go back on his word. It was always said that Chinese were poor in skills and did not have exquisite skills, but Stowe turned r&F into a pleasant technical team.Stowe besides have ambition, he also has a set of reasonable system of material selection, choose some suitable for their own players, helping the team construction of youth team, grab from a young age, the clear goal, the process is clear, this is precisely what the Chinese football lacked, but Chinese football too eager, unwilling to give stowe implementation time, the result as the team record in the fall,Stojkovic left in despair, now, to bring back the master tactician, can only dream.So, miss the right person at a time, don’t miss the second, the Chinese football really not wrong, why Jin Zhongfu is suitable for the team’s, remove the tactics level, an important reason, is Jin Zhongfu coaching philosophy, early Jin Zhongfu is a fairly good player, honor the whole body, but he chose to teach the location of the start, it is precisely the campus football,It’s hard to imagine a south Korean footballer of the year so low-key and pragmatic, why Jin Zhongfu can bring into a great dark horse kyungnam, why hebei team is so bad, can Jin Zhongfu buttoned, discovering outstanding young people, it is thanks to him in the underlying football training, to discover the player’s strengths and explore potential, which is short of major Chinese football needs.Bring some new blood to Chinese football, like his transformation in hebei, as did his compatriots park hang-seo in Vietnam, and from the face, whether in the face of the Chinese super league teams or comparable rivals, Jin Zhongfu madrigal and strain are upper, bus and stereo offensive and Jin Zhongfu chameleonic, Jin Zhongfu not because no ability to go to the bottom head coach,It was because he didn’t like to do it all at once. He liked to lay the groundwork, and as a coach, it was a great achievement to have turned South Gyeongsang Into a serious rival to Choi, and Kim would have been one of the best local coaches in South Korea had it not been for the economic troubles of Both South Gyeongsang and Hebei.And ten thousand steps, in hebei province and south after the crisis, Jin Zhongfu, never complain and shrinking, and selection and the team, the main is sold is looking for cheaper alternatives, replacement can’t afford to buy the discover young people, young people let veteran couldn’t get on the back, he is always as far as possible to make up for, to find the solution, not blame, not in advance when the deserters,Kim jong-bu’s commitment to Hebei deserves the respect of soccer players.Jin Zhongfu is a good coach, both in personality and strength, we would not clear Jin Zhongfu guidance to the team’s adventure, because the job pressure is too great, or say, today’s national soccer team, is unworthy worthy of such a great football man, if you really have this opportunity, please do not miss the opportunity to Chinese football, don’t miss Jin Zhongfu.

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