Old Zhu Record (5) : The fourth master

Uncle Four was a blacksmith, a blacksmith who shored animals.His grandfather and my father’s grandfather are brothers, so we are a family and neighbors.We grew up with him as a blacksmith.We used to play in his blacksmithing house when we were kids.A large stove, with a large bellows beside it, and in front of it a blacksmithing table, a sledgehammer, and several small hammers.The lamp-box was pulled up, and flames sprang up in every direction, and the iron was red-hot within;Clamp out iron pieces, small hammer, sledgehammer;When I was young, I observed that it was the master who carried the hammer. In fact, his main function was to direct and point out the direction of the hammer.The master wields the hammer with his right hand to direct the direction, while his left hand moves the iron piece to adjust the position.A telephone pole in front of the house is the place he serves adjacent.On the eve of the summer and autumn farming season, it is the peak time to shod the animals. Shoes fit the animals so that they can work better.A wooden stool, the donkey horse and mule hoof up, shovel down, cut off the bottom of the excess horny, flat, from the basket to find a few suitable palm, pin on the success.When the animal is disobedient, the small hammer will make a ding-dang sound, and the animal will be obedient. If it is naughty, it will pick up the hammer and pat it on the bottom.The animals live in a bad environment and often have rotten hooves, which is actually a fungal infection. They clean up the areas where the animals’ hooves fester, put tobacco leaves and add liquor, which is also a simple disinfection treatment, and then cover the hooves with a piece of iron, which will be fine in a few days.It is our favorite to show the palm of a cow. The cow is so big that it can’t land on three legs. We need to lay it down and use a rope to hold all four legs.Three lines of suffering in the world, punting iron grinding tofu.I knew that when I was a kid.Every once in a while, the fourth master and the sixth uncle would go to tancheng to buy iron, or raw materials. The sound of them setting out was heard early in the morning, and they could only return in the afternoon, carrying heavy iron goods on their bicycles.Spring, summer, autumn and winter, when they are free, they work hard at blacksmithing, going to market in the morning, blacksmithing at home in the afternoon, hard work.In return, of course, for a relatively prosperous life in the countryside.In the summer evening, we enjoyed the cool at the gate, and the fourth master used humorous language to tell us all kinds of information we had heard in the market. In that age of information shortage, maybe he was a wise man in the countryside.Sren drive crane to, leaving only posterity memory, let him go all the way!

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