Snow clearing and pruning, “de-ice operation” in Wuhan Yuehu Park

Changjiang daily big client in wuhan February 8 (reporter guo ying Correspondent Song Chuqiu) 7, the Snow White moon lake park, in order to ensure the security of citizens of tourists travel, while protecting the plant through bad weather, the moon lake park organized snow de-icing cleanup operations: laying non-slip MATS and set up a cordon, road snow, snow, snow melt, snow removal, debris clean up.After the snow, “deicing operations”.After a heavy snow overnight, snow covered the whole park, roads were covered with snow and ice, and plants were covered with thick snow. This not only brought inconvenience to citizens and tourists for exercise and travel, but also caused potential safety hazards, and may break branches and affect the growth of plants.Crews clear snow from main roads.7 early in the morning, more than 100 yuehu Park staff put on raincoats, rain shoes, with brooms, shovels, scissors and other tools, in the snow began to clear the operation: in the Yuehu Park lotus wetland, octuoting bridge and other locations to pull warning tape, blocking dangerous channels and Bridges;Anti-skid straw MATS were laid on nameless bridge, Zhiyin Bridge, Peninsula public toilet plank road, qintai Subway entrance into the park, Qintai Grand Theater round into the park wooden plank, etc. Snow was cleaned on all the plank roads, Phoenix Square, Zhiyin Bridge, sightseeing road and main road, and heavy snow was knocked off the branches.After the snow stopped, the staff salted the road to melt the snow, picked up the residual branches and restored the park to a clean and neat look.Set up a cordon on the icy bridge.According to yi Wenbin, head of the Landscape department of Yuehu Scenic Area, as of the 7th evening, the main road, phoenix Square and other places have been cleared of snow, to ensure the main road unobstructed;At the same time hit the heavy snow on the branches, clean up the residual branches, complete the task of cleaning in the scenic spot, for visitors into the park exercise, enjoy the snow scene to provide a good security.”We will keep a close eye on the weather and continue to clear snow as conditions warrant.”Sorting out abandoned branches and maintaining the garden tidiness.In the near future, Moon Lake Park will also make full use of park radio, electronic display screen broadcast rain and snow weather safety park hints, to remind tourists to visit the park safety, welcome the general public tourists come to the Moon Lake during the Spring Festival to enjoy the beautiful scenery.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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